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Default How to get shortcuts in Rocketdock?

Hey folks.

The title is a little misleading, what I am trying to do in Rocketdock, is set up a shortcut menu, that will display, how to word it... A Sub Dock with other icons etc. For example, if I had 5 icons on the Rocketdock, which were shortcuts to directories, ala, Downloads, Documents, Music, Videos, eBooks. Could I create a Shortcut, simply called Documents, which then displays a second dock, or pop up, displaying the directory shortcuts I mentioned earlier?

Hope im making sense. Ive seen other dock type apps do this but are not freeware!

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You can find more info on docklets, adding more folder directories etc via this link:

I don't have RocketDock installed so I hope this helps!
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I haven't used Rocketdock in a long time but I remember StandAloneStack 2 can do what you want. The older version is listed in RocketDock's add-ons but it is limited. You should use the latest version of StandAloneStack 2 which you can find here.
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