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Audioguy 30. Mar 2016 12:12 AM

PDF24 issues
The current download version of PDF 24 direct from maker's site crashes on install in Windows 7 64 bit pro OS and also has some kind of weird wrapper package that Malware bytes immediately flags. Further it does not show up in default programs and if you try to set it as default pdf reader nothing will open. Clearly a bug in the current version- ended up having to uninstall it twice ( Revo Uninstaller)to get all the garbage out of the registry and two reboots required. Now using PDF exchange which you still have to check custom install with to avoid any possible unwanted add-ins and be sure to avoid trying to use any of the custom features as they will set a watermark on PDF files, but it appears you can disable those once you have the program installed.

MidnightCowboy 30. Mar 2016 07:30 AM

I checked the download link using Dr. Web and it is clean.

I then checked the download with Malwarebtyes, AVG and VirusTotal. All came back clean. AVG found one PUP but I'm aware of what that is and it's nothjing to do with PDF24.

I then installed to PDF software (no warnings from WinPatrol) which runs fine on my system. Lastly I repeated the system scans and nothing was flagged.

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