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Default Networx installed on 64bit laptop but won't work.


Can someone please help me.

I have just downloaded the Networx version 5.4.2 64-bit on my laptop but despite looking as though it has installed successfully it is not visibly tracking internet use. The icon is sitting in the Taskbar Tray but when I click on the various graphs there is no sign of any transfers.


Ps: Apologies if this is a topic that has been posted previously, but I did a search and could not find any postings.
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I installed it and ran it using version on Windows 8.1. I no longer use it so I haven't checked the latest version.

From memory, the default setting is that if you click on the Tray icon then you should get the current transfer speed and if you double click you get a short report. Does that happen for you? If not then it might be worth uninstalling and reinstalling.

If it does work then have look at the online user manual to help you check the settings for the graphs.
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Thanks, Remah.

Yes, it does that now but I wasn't even at that stage when I posted the help message. The program was not recognising any data usage at all.

It is all sorted out now, though, the problem being that my network was not coming up in the connections list of the Monitored Interface and I had to go into Hidden Settings and click on false for "Physical adaptors". That seems to have done the trick.
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