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Default BackUp Files To External HD/AOEMI

Hi, All...

I'm moving to a new desktop and am using a new external drive to manage the file movement, old to new, and I'm just confused.

I am using AOMEI to move the files, but this is where I'm stumped. I did create a backup, or so it seems, of my files, based on the AOMEI instructions on their site.

Maybe it was the prep that got me into trouble. I created one large folder on my old E Drive (this was my primary drive, not C), same with my desktop folders, one large folder with all other folders in it.

I ran AOMEI successfully, there were 2 image files on the external drive. (Why image files and not the actual files?)

I tried to restore it on my new desktop, it said there were no files in either folder I tried to restore.

What did I do wrong? Do I need to go back and add the individual folders/files back to their original state?

I'm very confused, this has to be easier. I use USB drives every day to move individual files around, but this makes no sense to me now.

Any help I can get will be appreciated.

BTW, I deleted the 2 images on my external drive assuming I'm going to start again.

Is there other recommended software to use other than AOMEI?

Thanks, in advance.
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Which AOMEI software are you talking about? You haven't mentioned that.

Did you use AOMEI Backupper? If yes, there are several methods of backup in the software, namely, image backup, partition backup, file backup, etc. Which one did you use? Which instructions did you follow?
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I used Backrupper, file backup.

I think I figured out the process, and what I didn't do.

1. I first have to physically move/copy the files from my old XP machine, which I have been using for a long while as sort of a repository, to the new WD external drive, then move them to the new Win7 desktop.

Then I can use AOMEI as backup...

I only use a hand full of files as my working files, I can move them around with a 32G USB stick, but it's time to completely retire the old machines.

Is that the process, first move/copy to the external drive than to the Win7 desktop?

2. If so, what is the copy software that is considered the best, or better yet, what do you use?

As always, thanks...I really am glad all of you guys are around.
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I've not used the backup section of Aomei, just the drive imager which works very well for me.

For backing up files I always prefer to use a sync program (FreeFileSync being my favourite at the moment), or just a straight copier (FastCopy being my favourite for this).

The reason is that I don't like it when backup programs save data as a proprietary format. I'd rather have my data backed up as ordinary files and folders... in this way the backup isn't dependent on the original software, and space isn't much of an issue these days.
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I did use FastCopy to physically move the files; I had 300G of my work data on 4 different systems, took about 10 hours, but it is now all consolidated on an external drive.

Once I determine what files to move to my new laptop and desktop, I'll figure out if AEOMI is the best platform to keep things backed-up, or use something like you mentioned, FileSync.

Thanks for your input.
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