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sobi 24. Feb 2015 02:06 PM

AntiVirus Rescue Disk for Windows 8.1
Good morning to everybody.
I'm a new entry and my English is poor. I'm sorry for that.
I've tried a lot of AV rescue disk for my children's notebook with W 8.1 installed.
One is Asus K55VD and the second is Acer E1-570G.
I've tried Avira Rescue System, Comodo Rescue Disk, Kaspersky rescue disk, Dr Web Live Disk, but none of them runs good. Most of them crash before scanning the computer. Note that I've disabled secure boot in both notebook.
Instead, under my desktop pc with W7 all of them work normally.
First question: does it exist at least one AV live cd which surely work good in W 8.1?
Second question: when I'll find one, how can I update it in an unbootable computer with only a mobile Internet connection? I've only got a USB pen drive for my Internet access.
Hope I was clear in explaining my problems. If no, I'm sorry.
Thanks a lot to everybody.

torres-no-tan-magnifico 24. Feb 2015 04:26 PM

sobi, welcome to the forum! :)

The rescue disks you have tried work on W7 because the firmware installed is BIOS; however, the firmware in W8.1 is UEFI.

More info here:

I'm presuming that both of the notebooks have malware; if that is the case please read this article:


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