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Default Format Factory suddenly fails!

I have been using Format Factory for some time without a glitch. Suddenly all conversions (audio/video) start to convert and immediately generate an error message for all tracks in the queue. The first few times I assumed it was a bad file or a bad download, but it continues and now the program is useless. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling without success. I don't know how to use all the conversion options so I leave it at default. And I have changed none of the parameters I have used successfully up 'til now. Can anyone offer suggestions, please?

Windows 7 x64 Pro, Format Factory v3.2.0
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I had the same problem once with FF but sorry to say I have no recollection of how I fixed it! I tend to use portable versions so the chances are I just deleted it and got a fresh copy.

Has anything else been changed on your system that might be connected to FF not working? Do other convertors still work?

It's possible that running the program's uninstaller doesn't remove everything - it might well leave behind various registry entries and files so that reinstalling doesn't actually replace everything.

Registry entires can be a problem if you're not able to locate and safely remove them - programs that promise to do this for you can also cause more problems than they solve so perhaps you could have a look in the main Gizmo's site for reviews of system and registry cleaners. Even so it's advisable to do a back up of your O/S before trying anything like that.

To find left-behind files you might have some luck if you search the Program Files, Program Data and AppData directories which is where FF probably stores its settings and other necessary files. Use the name of the software and the name of the company as search terms.

There are also third-party uninstallers which run a program's uninstaller and then scan your O/S for anything left behind. I'm liking Geek Uninstaller for this at the moment, it doesn't seem too aggressive although you should of course still be very careful about what you allow it to delete.

To use Geek or something similar if you've already uninstalled FormatFactory, you would have to re-install FF and then uninstall it again using Geek or whatever.
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Thank you for your post, sicknero...And now I must say that I don't seem to have a problem (!). I just tested FF on converting a VOB movie to mp4 and it did it...I also tried audio FLAC to mp3 and, again, things went fine. FF seems to be working as it did before! Don't have a clue.

But to follow through, yes my other media converters work just fine. And along the way I did do an uninstall/reinstall using Geek.

Thanks to all...My problem seems to have "self solved."
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Thank you for share your experience with us, sicknero !
Format Factory is a very useful software and I was not able to convert flac files to mp3 to send tips songs to my son, who is in Champaign, IL. Now, after carefully uninstalling (CCleaner) and download the newest version (3.5.5) it is working perfectly.

Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
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Originally Posted by luiztorrentes View Post
... the newest version (3.5.5) it is working perfectly
Typo. 3.5.5 should be 3.3.5 which is the latest version.
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