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Default Duck capture

Having used Duck Capture for a couple of years, I thought it was fool proof...I was wrong.
Recently, I was compiling a list of names and details of friends and was going to use Duck Capture to copy the list. Unfortunately I hicupped and hit the icon with a hidden label of 'share simply by' This then immediately appeared to upload my list.....To where????...Who can now access it???....This sounds like a pontentially dangerous link that's virtually hidden until too late...
I've sent the Duck Capture people 2 e-mails so far asking details about this icon and what exactly it does. So far they have ignored both e-mails.
I now have reason to believe that Duck Capture should not been included in the list of 'best screen capture programs'.
Can anybody help on this case.
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Hi, I replied to your comment in the main site but I'll copy it here in case you missed it.

It sounds as if Duck tried to upload your pics to but I was just reading a thread which says that the function was removed some time ago and as I understand it that button shouldn't be in the latest version?!to...nk/QdKdEiFP35k

If it did upload it will be on as an anonymous user and I don't know what you could do about that. Perhaps contact their site admin and see if they can help?

You could also try something like Google Image Search to see if your pic is on the internet but it's not guaranteed to show up even if it is.
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