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Default MiniToolŪ Partition Wizard usage

I am trying to recover a partition on a 500GB SATA drive and before I do it I am trying this software on a spare 34 GB SCSI. The machine sees the SCSI disc OK (in the boot routine; my computer doesn't see it because I deleted the partition) but when I run Partition Wizard I only get one disk and that is the OS disc.

I believe, from the information on this site, that Partition Wizard can handle SCSI & SATA so can anybody tell what I am missing.
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Since my first post I have moved on a little.

As the Windows OS couldn't see the SCSI. and as I don't have a spare SATA drive to hand to experiment with, I took the risk and connected the 500GB SATA that I am trying to recover on to the PC and yes the Windows OS can see that one, it couldn't access it, no path found, but it could see it.

I then ran the Partition Wizard software and it found the partition, and incredibly reference to two very old ones as well, and I was able to restore the partition OK.

In my naivety I thought that would be it! I realise I have no knowledge of the process to data recovery.

The situation is that the partition on the disk is shown by the software as "Primary" and "unformatted", I know enough to realise that the next step is NOT to format but I don't know what is.

When I ran some other data recovery software, Recuva, it couldn't restore the data because it wasn't formatted.

I am guessing that the next step is to rebuild the MBR but as this is now my real file store disk I am working on I don't want to jeopardise full recovery by making a mistake through lack of knowledge.

Can anybody advise what the next steps are?
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