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Default Slimdriver Warning

Hi All,
First post here. (Sorry if it is in the wrong place).
I have just used "Slimdriver Free" to update some drivers.
On using Malwarebytes afterwards it found "iBryte" had been installed and removed it. I then used Slimdrivers free again and once again Malwarebytes detected that it had been installed.
I do not know how serious this is but there seems to be quite a lot about it on the 'net.
I thought you should all know.
Incidentally something in one or more of the updates stopped things working properly so I did a "restore" to remove them all and I am pleased to say all is back to normal.
Very relieved to say the least.
(Did I hear some one say "If it aint broke don't fix it".
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SlimDrivers has been covered on the site, in this review:

But there, it's only been covered as a driver backup and restore utility, and not as a driver update utility. While installing SlimDrivers, it offers AVG toolbar, which has been mentioned in the review. Besides AVG stuff, it does not offer anything, atleast during the install. I haven't tested its driver update feature, and don't intend to, so I cannot say anything about it.

We have said before on the forum, and now repeating once again. We do not recommend software for driver updates. Reason being, the genuine drivers should be looked for on the site of the hardware manufacturer, and not anywhere else. That's where the genuine, and most up to date drivers can be found. Only for very old hardware, which are long outdated, will there be a problem in finding the drivers at the site of the hardware manufacturer.

If you download drivers, or update from anywhere else, then you can never be sure that the drivers you are getting are genuine or not, or if they are even intended for that particular hardware or not. Wrong driver updates can easily make the system unbootable, or create other problems. Even the hardware manufacturers themselves say that you should read the changelog first, to see if a driver update is required or not.

Driver update has been made unnecessarily popular by these sites and software offering driver updates, like updating the drivers will magically make their system faster, or will magically vastly improve the capabilities of the hardware. That's all nonsense.

So, the summary is that download the drivers, or updates from the site of the hardware manufacturer, and not anywhere else... and your system won't have to go through the unnecessary trouble.
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