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Tryalittleharder 07. Mar 2013 11:43 PM

Windows 7 Install Disk
I recently downloaded the Windows 7 installation file that was offered on Gizmo's freeware, actually I downloaded the 2 plus Gigabyte file twice because when I tried to burn the the iso file to a DVD, the response I got was that the file was not a valid iso file, and that there was not enough space on the 4.7 gigabyte disk for the file. Now I'm diffinately no techie, but I got nothing but bad news using windows 7 burning software or ImBurn. Can anyone advise me how to build the Windows 7 Installation Disk? By the way I was not confident using ImBurn, so please suggest a free software program if Windows 7's Burning software is not adequate.

Juxxize 16. Mar 2013 11:57 AM

Is this the article you are talking about ? I have just done this 2 weeks ago and mine fitted on a normal 4.7gb dvd disk , in the article it's not really a offer DigitalRiver is the online company that provide the downloads as for some reason Microsoft does not. Here is where I downloaded from maybe try from this page, just make sure you download the correct one

earth2013 16. May 2013 10:24 AM

search for other burning programs

or change dvd burner

you can try nero 9 free

Ratzo 19. May 2013 09:00 AM

Hi I have for years used ashampoo burning studio free version, the latest being 2013 available from It is easy to use tho it is a sizable download 77mb it is easy to use . I choose the option to set the slowest burning speed and to "verify" the disc

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