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Default Swarm Discovereis Vuze

Please can anyone tell me what you can fill in by the configuration of Vuze Discoverys:

Enable the Swarm Doscover UI:

Maximum results: I understand this one

Maximum level: ????????????????????????????????????

Enable swarm results:

Minimum search result ranking (0=any) ????????????????????????????????

I can not find it anywhere wat to fill in at the Question marks?
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I write the Best Free Bittorrent Client review and the associated help files for Vuze, but I can not find any useful information on this plugin.

I first noticed it when I downloaded a recent version of Vuze for testing. The Swarm Discoveries page at the Vuze-Wiki is no help on those options.

My guess would be to leave those settings at default.

The only thing I can suggest is to post a query at the Vuze fora:
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Only the person who developed this thing and decided not to document the options, has a vague idea.
I have been testing it and here's what I've come up with:

1) Open Plugins - Swarm Discoveries.
Right click on the titles on top and click Column Setup.
Then you can expose the "Level" thingy, which is too easy to understand, to be shown or documented.

In plugin options..
You need the 2 first checkboxes checked for it to work.
The 3rd box saying: Disable, actually forgets all data gathered and begins anew.

Maximum results - How many rows of results would you like to see.

Maximum level - Either determines the amount of hops to perform queries OR just gives you worse results.
(Higher number is worse. Higher=let's get desperate and search like we mean it)

Minimum search result ranking - How bad results would you like to see? Higher ranking is considered better. 1 Seems to be default, haven't seen anything below it. If you choose the minimum rating to be 2, results with rating of 1 won't be shown.
What I don't know, will having 0 (ANY) fill the results with absolute crap. 1 is bad enough. (Higher number shows better results only)

Currently, the Swarm Discoveries window doesn't seem to update quite like it should. To get proper results, close the tab and reopen it.

My settings are..
500 results
Max level 1
Minimum ranking 1

But if you just want to see what's out there, try
1000 results
Max level 9
Minimum ranking 0

Changing options works best by restarting vuze, after changes.
Results are based on your past data at DHT (probably) I just added all my past downloads in paused state to get results over night.

Checking the last box - Disable swarm discoveries. Will forget all learned associations. Probably that box won't even exist when it works like they and us would want it to.
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