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Default use of Vuze makes booz into my mouth ooze

Hello there! Plz ignore the thread title's suggested disappointment in vuze. Well, I do have a frustrating problem I lost many hours looking into, but I do love vuze oh so much Also, I just couldn't not use this title that I came up with

Besides, spending the aforementioned hours following and reading the related articles of this site and vuze wiki, I have come to a new level of understanding how things work underneath. As a programming student I know to appreciate that.

By the way, I have optimized vuze for speed a long time ago according to the relevevant guide and did again today(installing the DHT plugin was actually what made me want to download other plugins as well, as I describe further down).

But enough of an introduction, here's what happened(ah monk, what a great series..but I digress):

This is going to be a long explanation. I could put in a few words, but I want to make sure I didn't misinterpret anything due to my inexperience. So plz just bear with me and read through it all

I installed a bunch of plugins, 20 something to be kind of exact. Afterwards, My torrents just stopped downloading. They are all pretty bad torrents, so I wasn't too suspicious. Later though, I noticed a good torrent wasn't downloading as well and that I wasn't getting any speed from the other torrents for a longer time than I should. I then observed I had seeds and peers, so why wasn't I downloading anything?

I thought the plugins like ono, p4p, zeroconf and multiport trackers were to blame. I'm not really sure what they do, I just installed them to get a further increase in speed, if possible.

So, I uninstalled them and the problem persisted still. I then did the NAT test from help and the port was blocked. Followed the guide of vuze wiki like a boss, problem solved. I even stopped the torrents, waited for a while and reopened vuze as it explained. It seems that my Isp is bad, which is true in more ways than 1...

But still, my torrent were frozen. I downloaded another torrent and it was downloading fine! How could this be? After scratching my head a little, I came up with the idea of removing a torrent from the library, keeping the torrent and then re-downloading it from its respective site and by the gods, it worked! The torrent is seeds as I type this.

What in the world is happening to my torrents? I have many torrents obtained from many sites, do I really have to remove and re-download them all? I do believe the answer to the first question will produce an answer for the second as well.

So, this is it. Let me take this chance and thank mr6n8 for writing his awesome "Optimizing Vuze (formerly Azureus) for Speed" article. 'Tis the guide I followed since days old and the 1 that saved me much time. To be honest, I don't know if it made any difference with my low speeds, but trusting his/hers knowledge I am sure it must have! Also, it made me understand enough to search more guides of the vuze wiki(which I was also led to from that article), in order to solve my problems and gain new knowledge

Also, thank the ppl who developed and keep developing vuze, which I had since its azureus days and all those great plugins!
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Vuze has always been one of the worst torrient clients out there..

Get utorrent 2.21
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Originally Posted by Super2cool View Post
Vuze has always been one of the worst torrient clients out there..

Get utorrent 2.21
Why is vuze bad?
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Originally Posted by torres-no-tan-magnifico View Post Vuze is pretty bad after all. Well, with my low speeds I don't think it matters so much. I'll change clients when I'm not bored. But I don't understand what "Performance on large swarm torrents" is. Does that mean how fast u download in torrents with many seeders and leechers? Because, being bottlenecked by my super low speeds, this doesn't even matter to me.

Now, from what I understand deluge's disantvantage is not being able to pick which files to download when u click the download torrent button. Since that is already how I choose to do things, it's not a problem with me. It says it is well accepted at private trackers. Does this mean better download speeds for many torrents?

So the fact that qbittorent isn't accepted means the exact opposite, right? Also, the fact that it uses such low resources is irrelevant for my system.

So, what client do u think I should use? Also, which is the one which provides best download speeds(although this doesn't concern me I guess).
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