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Default Multiple PC backups

I have 4 desktop PC's (2 are are hardwired to a Netgear router and the other 2 PC's are wireless to the same Netgear router) all running Vista 64-bit. I would like to back these PC's to a 1-Tb portable hard drive that will be formatted in 250Gb blocks. What version of Acronis is appopriate to perform this backup. If you have suggestions I would appreciate them or am I going down the wrong path.

Phil S.
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Please clarify if you are interested in only backing up documents and files or if you are interested in making full image backups of each of the machines?
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can't acronis create 4 individual secure zones. Which acronis can do one at a time. Also I do not believe you can split a 1 tb hard drive into exactly 4 equal 250 gig partitions.
Format the drive, let acronis create each individual secure zone. During the secure zone setup you will be given an option on the size of the secure zone. Something you may want to consider. if you want to do incremental back ups you will need to ensure enough room for each zone/partition
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Default At the risk

of being a little controversial, I don't believe current Acronis is reliable for 64-bit Vista after SP2. Gizmo knows about a product which might be, & testing is ongoing.
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