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aguazales 22. Feb 2010 05:53 PM

Best Free Driver Websites
I have been searching the Internet for a couple of days now for the best websites from which to download driver updates for my computer. I have been having little luck. I know that the site generally reviews software, not websites, but would it be possible to compile a list of the best driver search and download websites, similar to your list of the best free tech websites. I am sure that many of the people who browse this site also find themselves in need of a driver every now and then. Thanks for such a great site! :)

Anupam 22. Feb 2010 07:17 PM

Hi, welcome to the forum :).

Thanks for the suggestion. But I don't think such a list is required.

Drivers are something for which frequent updates are not required. If a driver update or download is required, it should be done from the site of the manufacturer of that hardware. That's where you will get the correct driver, and that is the right place to look for drivers, nowhere else.

Wrong driver updates can cause a lot of problems... boot trouble, BSODs, frequent hang ups etc. Therefore, you should be very careful with driver updates. There are many websites out there, or softwares, which lure users for these driver updates. But, the original manufacturer's website is where you should look first. Most of them, keep drivers for old hardware too. New ones can be found without any trouble.

Occasionally, you can have problem looking for some drivers of old hardware, then you need to look for other sites... not until then.

kimsland 06. Mar 2010 06:35 AM


Originally Posted by Anupam (Post 23070)
it should be done from the site of the manufacturer of that hardware.

I agree. ;)

In some cases Manufacturers do not support the required drivers.
As an example a computer that was supplied with XP, but the manufacturer does not include Windows 7 drivers.
In this case: Still contact the manufacturer first. ie They may state that they can supply all drivers except one (like Sound or Modem) This won't be an issue if you decide to update this hardware (in a PC)
You can also search these types of not supported drivers at Google, some users have made their own personal hardware drivers that may work.

Regarding 3rd party Driver Update programs.
Don't use them. I don't and I pride myself on finding any driver that exists.
These "programs" can be used to share your downloads online, or worse: They may ask for money.
Generally (ie always) I have never found a need for them, even after trying, then uninstalling them.

Century22 06. Mar 2010 11:45 PM

They are out there somewhere.
I agree that the most reliable source is the manufacturer. They should be made available there and any updates.

However there are quite a few devices that are no longer supported for various reasons. Some companies are bought out and the new company refuses to support the others devices.
Many just don't have support for old devices.

I have had to search else where for some.
I've even had the manufacturer refer me to a driver site like the ones posted below:

There are no sites that I can recommend currently, but I sometimes need to find drivers also and would like to have others recommend sites.

wdhpr 07. Mar 2010 12:02 AM

Are we saying that windows built in driver update doesn't work very well? :D

I used to use drivermax. Not anymore and I would not recommend it either. If it aint broke don't fix it. For now I use Double Driver to make a backup. I will periodically Check my computers website and check for driver updates from there. The biggest problem I have had with drivers is that they sometimes for what ever reason become corrupted. Thats when the backups are handy.


BuzyBee 17. Aug 2010 01:32 AM


Originally Posted by wdhpr (Post 23865)
I used to use drivermax. Not anymore and I would not recommend it either. If it aint broke don't fix it.

I whole heartedly second this. If I had known about this forum before my last driver check/update, I could have avoid my DriverMax fiasco. Horrible! :mad:

Kingsize 05. Dec 2012 06:08 PM

My recommendation
I recommend Everything is for free, no scanners. You can download drivers directly from the website. I find this site to be very helpful, although at first I was skeptical.

Anupam 05. Dec 2012 06:49 PM

Although the above site offers free drivers, but we at TSA will continue to advise and warn users about such driver sites. It's always best to download drivers from the manufacturer's site, because they offer genuine drivers. If you download from other sites, it's on your own responsibility.

Juxxize 09. Dec 2012 01:10 PM

Are there any good safe driver sites ? apart from the few that re mentioned in the posts above. There are a number of reasons why are user may find themselves needing a driver for a peripheral and getting a driver from the manufacturer website is not an option.
Over the past year a family member has given all sorts odds and ends for my PC ( you me to use until I could afford to buy such things ) Some of the items came without their installation disk ,namely a scanner and a webcam the built in windows 7 driver update could't find an driver for them so i went to the manufacturers website for the scanner with no joy. The scanner wasn't supported with windows 7 only up to vista so that was no good, and webcam was a generic unbranded one so i couldn't go to the manufacturers website.
Apart from the windows update way and the manufacturers website method is there another safe way to find a driver?

George.J 10. Dec 2012 05:33 AM


Originally Posted by Juxxize (Post 80129)
Apart from the windows update way and the manufacturers website method is there another safe way to find a driver?

Did you know that you can find the right drivers by doing this technique?

1. In the device manager you right click on the device and select properties, then go to details tab, then click the property drop down menu, and finally select hardware id's.
2. Watch the numbers that appears after VEN and DEV. This is the vendor id and device id and copy paste those id's here:

Then you'll find the right driver. :)

Unless you know the vendor and model of your sound card, network card or other device, it will be difficult to find the correct driver to install. So this technique is way too helpful in that regard

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