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First off, I love the site. I have become addicted to it. I have to check it every day to see if anything has changed, or if there is anything new. Which brings me to my suggestion. It would be nice if there was a little more emphasis put on updates, such as. if you add to or change anything.
Something that makes it easier for me to find what has recently changed, like if one antivirus suddenly gets placed at the top of the list, It would be nice to know it, without having to visit each one to see what has changed.

Anyway, like I said I love the site, and this is just a simple suggestion. Thanks.
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Hi... I think you are talking about updates to the topics on the main Tech Support Alert site? You can use the "Recent Posts" link to see the updates to the topics... like new comments, and updates of topics. If the topics are updated, I do see an updated sign in red besides the topic. If the topic has new comments, it show "New" in red. So use that link
I have registered on the site too .
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