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papavonschoen 26. Jan 2019 04:52 PM

Firefox and insecure connection!
How come Gizmo's ( tells me , with Firefox, is sn insecure connection?

MidnightCowboy 26. Jan 2019 06:35 PM

Using Firefox now and no such message.

EldonW 26. Jan 2019 08:00 PM


Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy (Post 124937)
Using Firefox now and no such message.

It happens when logging in.
I just ignore it.

satrow 27. Jan 2019 01:19 AM


Originally Posted by EldonW (Post 124938)
It happens when logging in.
I just ignore it.

Forum membership/activity seems to have been in decline over the last few years, flagging up the details might help find a fix so it no longer triggers a scary alert.

MaikL 29. Jan 2019 12:34 PM

Maybe I haven't understood the original post but here's how I see it: shows no padlock and is unsecured connection in Firefox (and Chrome) a padlock shows the connection is secure. I can only reach via https

Anupam 30. Jan 2019 11:01 AM

I am using Firefox and I do not get any such message.

Are you opening Gizmo's site from a bookmark, which contains URL without https? If the URL is without https, then you could see such message.

Which version of Firefox are you using btw?

satrow 30. Jan 2019 12:08 PM

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You need to use the http address to see it.

The default URL trimming by Firefox doesn't help.

MaikL 30. Jan 2019 01:57 PM

Anyone who's been visiting techsupportalert for years *may* have the http:// address stored in Bookmarks. That still works but will show the site as having an unsecure connection.

Anyone who finds the site via e.g. a Google search will get an https:// connection.

For sites such as online banking a secure connection is probably essential, not sure it is for reading sites such as techsupportalert.

MaikL 31. Jan 2019 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by Anupam (Post 124944)
Which version of Firefox are you using btw?

Was 64, now 65

Remah 03. Feb 2019 10:16 PM

Many websites redirect http to https automatically. This is the only one I use regularly that doesn't do this automatically.

It is slightly jarring when I'm logged in to see the padlock disappear in my web browser. But then the solution MaiKL suggested is available to all of us: edit our bookmarks so http becomes https.

P.S. The actual security not a real concern for me but, on reflection, automatic redirection would be the best solution. It is not a good look to be commenting on security and then leave this issue outstanding for the many users who arrive via other sites following "http" links.

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