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Question Word Verification - Why?


Firstly thank you all for your hard work this year. Much appreciated

I'm a long term user of the Gizmos site and decided to register about 9 months ago.

So I have my user name and password which is needed for me to post or comment on posts.

So why do I occasionally get popup word verifications I have to try and guess the letters of?

Obviously it is something to do with security, but if I already have my user name and password then isn't that enough to ensure I am allowed to post?

At least your word verifications are not as bad as Captcha which takes me about 10 attempts :-)

Just interested. Perhaps once people have been members for a given amount of time or done a certain number of posts, they could be excluded from proving themselves to be humans.

If I was 20 years younger when I had good eyes and ears it wouldn't be an issue.

Take care,

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Unfortunately these measures are a necessary part of our automated protection against attacks on this site which number around 50,000 a day. Forcing registration prevents some but not all.
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