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Talking A sad side effect

A sad side effect of being an editor of "Best Of" software lists is that you are ALWAYS dragging in new (to you) software to "Test for Suitability" ... I have a dozen sub folders like "Internet" "Audio" and "Games" chock full of candidates that did something for me once.

I'm SURE I could get rid of at least half of those dock shortcuts and never miss them (I'm looking your way "Elephicon" and "Bricksmith".) ... same for 3/4 of the software I used just once and found useful ... and left lying underfoot.

"I've miles And miles Of files,
Pretty files of your forefather's fruit,
And now to suit our Great computer:
You're" DVD ROM ... To paraphrase The Moody Blues.

I'm afraid I'm a data hoarder: 28 TBytes and Growing - 3 of those "Drives" are 8 TB "Backup" disks!!!

Gee, I've even got hundreds of tabs open in 4 different browser windows! It's all a reflection of just how much unused information is cluttering up my memory ... like "Vacuum Tube TV schematics & SAMS Repair Manuals" or "Opcodes for 6502 and Other 16 Bit CPUs Assembly Languages" - tons of old data from decades ago: stuck in a photographic memory.

I have Asperger's Syndrome AND ADHD ... I still get Ritalin every morning ... I've got a very special brain/mind/body: and I'm kind of stuck in here with many encyclopedia's worth of old obsolete data that I have yet to find a way to purge. I'm so scattered and subdivided & spread so thin that I can barely function: and yet it gives me joy when I find I can still be of some use to others - it's what I live for.

Oh, but ALL Of my hardware, and a lot of my software, are Obsolete ... and if you saw how much stuff is laying around (Physical Hardware AND Software) you'd cringe. That dock would look neat and organized by comparison: if you could peer inside my head and SEE all of my 'Threads' milling away and meshing with each other. "This is a FLOW of consciousness?" (Substitute a Prohibited word that refers to a small flow of water between 2 banks, in place of the word FLOW, Here.) you'd wonder ...

Well, kinda. It's working for ME. But it might be Alien to so many of you: That definition fits Asperger's Syndrome to a "T".
Just look at my Avatar ... Stolen from a Bugs Bunny Cartoon ... an "Angry Scientist" (Don't call him "Mad" ... Right?) with a canister of Nitrous Oxide and Mayhem in mind. LOL!
"Software Santa" owes a debt of thanks to Tech Support Alert. Thank You.

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