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danielson 25. Sep 2019 02:05 PM

Bill Still banned from the web?
Last night, i listened to a Youtube by Bill Still via Vivaldi browser.
Went over to his site and got this message:
Clicked on "visit this unsafe site" and still could not access.
Unchecked the Google things
and everything went fine.

Tried Slimjet and Firefox, both had same blocking pattern but i did not go deeper to find out how to change DNS etc.

Then, this a.m. tried again with Vivaldi:
"Error establishing a database connection"

danielson 25. Sep 2019 02:28 PM

Even VirusTotal has nothing wrong with it:

danielson 25. Sep 2019 09:39 PM

Update: was able to access his site just a moment ago with Firefox.
Was it hacked before?
If so, why would VT give a clean bill of health?

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