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jim 09. Mar 2015 01:58 PM

Why I am getting fed up with the internet
Despite having just about every popup and ad blocker known to man and adjusting every setting in flash, bash, dash and any other display medium, I wish every site could note the following:

1. I KNOW your site (and just about all others) uses cookies, so I don't need a popup for me to click every time I visit.
2. I do not want a popup showing me "other things that may interest me." I am intelligent enough to find them for myself.
3.If I want to view a video on your site I will click on it myself. If you run it automatically I just go somewhere else.
4. When I read an article on your (newspaper?) site I right-click and open it in a new tab so that (when I have read it) I can close that tab and go back to your main page and read the next one that interests me. If you refresh the main page while I am reading and take it back to the top of your main page so I have to scroll through again to find my place I just get annoyed and go somewhere else.
5. I don't want to follow you on twitter, twatter, facebook, linkedin, linkedout or any other "social medium" so I don't need to see icons for them.

Why can't I just read something on the interweb, close the page when finished and go somewhere else?
I must be getting even more old and grumpy!

Sope 09. Mar 2015 03:56 PM

Pretty much sums it up :(

Cheered me up to see you got one past the offensive word blocker though :p:D

bo.elam 09. Mar 2015 05:30 PM

Jim, you can pretty much take care of everything you wrote by using Firefox with Adblock plus and NoScript. I hardly ever see a popup. I might see one or two a year. Facebook, twitter, etc, they dont bother me as I donr whitelist them in NoScript and only allow them when its really necessary for something important.

In NoScript, I set sites that I whitelist to also whitelist flash videos but you can set it up so flash is not whitelisted even when you whitelist JS for a site. In other words, videos wont play in whitelisted sites unless you allow the particular video. I use the programs that I mentioned to clean up the internet of annoyances. I am glad they exist otherwise, I would feel exactly like you.


deya 09. Mar 2015 07:34 PM

Nicely put, jim. Totally agree.

µBlock definitely gets rid of the twitters and twatters for me. Faceless marketing loons are spoiling the internet, and the TV.

jim 09. Mar 2015 09:00 PM

Done all that bo. Doesn't get rid of ALL I mentioned there.

bo.elam 09. Mar 2015 10:01 PM

Hi Jim. Can you post the link to a couple of the sites that annoy you where no registration is required. Sites where you read, view videos, etc. I like to check them out.


jim 09. Mar 2015 11:53 PM (Just for entertainment - honest)

A few others I can't remember for the moment but most news sites (depending on which type of video display they use).

bo.elam 10. Mar 2015 02:05 AM

Hi Jim. I kind of figured huffingtonpost was one of the sites that annoy you. A few months ago I help a friend in another forum to figure The one for the UK seems pretty similar. This particular site is really nasty with too many scripts being loaded. But really only a few domains are required for videos or pictures. Sites like this one make it a good reason to use NoScript.

Whitelist for videos in Nothing else is required.

The link below, with pictures at the bottom of the page, also work by only allowing.

This one from For videos. Changes little from the one for the UK.

For pictures in

From the French site, is also similar. Changes from one country to the next are little.

What I wrote above is pretty much all you need to allow in huffington post. The rest is garbage and not required. If you only allow what I wrote above, you get no popups. I ll check the dailymail later and tell you what I see.

Enjoy it, Jim. NoScript is really easy and works perfectly for nasty sites like huffingtonpost.


bo.elam 10. Mar 2015 03:45 AM

2 Attachment(s)
For dailymail videos, the required domains are.

I prefer to whitelist flash for sites that are in my whitelist but you can apply restrictions to videos so they don't play unless you click a placeholder. You can set it up that way in NoScript Options>Embeddings, Tick "Apply this restrictions to whitelisted sites too" and "Show placeholder icon." And untick "Collapse blocked objects." If you use this settings, when you click on a video, you ll get something like in picture 1 and when you click in the placeholder, you ll be asked if you want to allow the video to play. After you click OK, the video plays.

I avoid placeholders and collapsed objects. In my opinion, pages look cleaner without them so I dont use the settings above but I think you said you don't want videos to play unless you allow. Play with the settings. Check the settings in YouTube and huffingtonpost.


Sope 10. Mar 2015 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by jim (Post 108788)

Those two sites are pretty much clean for me running µBlock with addition of "Fanboy’s Social Blocking List" to the 3rd-party filters list.

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