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Exclamation Microsoft confirms NSA spying tools in our computers since Windows95

Microsft has just confirmed that the NSA has been spying on our PCs since Windows95 through hidden drivers in our systems. This means that our browser history, passwords, private messages has been viewable by the NSA all along. it doesn't matter which country you belong too, the NSA has it all.



Article from 1999:
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Oh No! That means anyone could potentially have access to my goulash recipe and secret list of UK hot fishing spots!
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Poor NSA clerks... and I thought my job was boring!
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I don't know if anyone else has noticed but since this news broke out every photo that ever existed of Obama on the phone has been photo-shopped to show him listening in on people's conversations , you've got to love the mix of photoshop and social media we now have in 2013 .
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