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Anupam 11. Mar 2015 06:27 PM

Censored word problem? Please read this
As a very popular site, our site and forum receives a lot of spam on daily basis. To counter this, we have placed several mechanisms in place. One of them is censoring certain words on forum, based on the analysis of regular spam that we encounter. While most of the words are not common, and mostly concerned with spam, but there might be certain common words which we have to put in the list, because of the amount of spam related to that word.

So, the users may sometimes encounter a problem while posting with the censored words in their posts, as the posts with censored words are not allowed. Because we need to deter the spam, please understand that we cannot share the list of censored words, or show which word is being censored.

If you encounter any such problem of not being able to post on the forum, because of censored word error, and you are unable to figure it out, please contact MidnightCowboy (Site Manager) or any of the moderators, via email, with the content that you are trying to post. The content will then be analyzed and we will help you in posting.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and thank you for co-operation.

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