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@Jojo Yee: Thank you for your listing of apps, there are several categories that I am immediately drawn to as they mirror my Windows usage. It is exactly the type of listing I was hoping for. My usage categories are:
  • Security (antivirus, firewall, anti-keylogger, and anti-malware / spyware).
  • File and PDF manager.
  • Word processor / extended note taking programs.
  • Internet (web browser, password manager, email application).
  • System utilities (drive cleaner, startup monitor, defrag application, data and OS backup).
  • Imaging applications (photo editing and cataloging, slideshow maker / image sharing application, image size reducer, icon editor, color printing formatter).

And I see in your listing just about all of the items on my list are in groupings. If I can help in anyway, feel free to contact me. Again my thanks.

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