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Default New Tablet Apps

Hello All,

At the risk of being inundated with suggestions, I've just bought my first tablet. Its a Double Power brand from Wal-mart. Its got a dual-core processor @ 1.6 GHz, HD graphics, 1 GB RAM, Android 4.2, 8 GB Flash drive with micro SDHC for added storage, and USB 2.0 & HDMI ports.

Now the question: given the above specs, what apps should I be looking to download to the machine when I get it? Please be specific if possible, i.e., if you are going to recommend an anti-virus app please name a specific brand of anti-virus app.

As an example of what I find indispensable, I have Start Menu X, AVG Anti-virus, Photo Designer 7 (by Magix), privatefirewall, Hard Disk Sentinel, Xplorer2 (file manager), PaleMoon browser (Firefox derivative), Thunderbird for email, and Sumatra PDF reader. These are the specifics, if they aren't available for Android (which I expect), my question is what do I replace those applications with on a tablet?

Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated. Freeware preferred over paid apps, and frequently missed or passed over apps are fine as long as you have specific experience to the contrary. Again, many, many thanks.


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