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First of all, you shouldn't choose Public Network. You are obviously not on a public network, which is for places like coffee shop, etc. You should choose a work network most probably. Atleast that is what I do with my system, since I do not have any home network and I receive internet via LAN from my ISP.

Regarding firewall and applications... applications which need internet to function should be allowed access in the firewall. Like Chrome... it's a web browser, and therefore, it obviously needs access to the internet, and therefore, you should allow access to it.

Similarly, for other applications, if they need internet access to function properly, then you need to allow access to them, otherwise not.

Like, there might be some applications who do not need to connect to internet in order for them to work, but they might have been set to regularly check for update, or download updates, like Adobe Reader... then you need to allow access to them. The decision is yours, based on the settings you have for that software.
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