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Originally Posted by herbc View Post
I am just curious about this , I have been having zero malware issues and the computer has been running great but yesterday I clicked on the little flag at the bottom right of screen (I believe this is action center) and it said (turn on your anti spyware and Anti Virus ).

I have no idea why this would just occur because my anti virus and anti spyware was on . Being paranoid I instantly think malware.

All scans come up empty

Any ideas

About once a month I seem to get this issue aswell . I'm using AVG anti-virus and every now and I get a Action Centre message saying your Anti-virus/ Malware protection is turned off. I have no idea why this keeps happening and like I said I have no issues with my PC ( no viruses or malware when I run a scan and my PC seems to be running fine ) but for some reason my AV just turns off. I turn it( my AV) back on again and all is fine again for a few weeks, very odd.
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