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Default Windows 8.0 Rescue Disc help

I created a rescue disk with Windows 8.0 x64 bit (WinPe previously downloaded) but every time I tried to boot with it Windows just bypassed it and loaded normally. I checked the UEFI (replaces the BIOS in Windows 8) but that had boot order as Optical drive, USB then HDD so that was not causing the problem. After failing to find an answer with Google I thought of checking Autoplay settings. Sure enough, it had a "no action" setting for Software (at the the bottom of the screen). I changed that to "Install....." and attempted another boot from the DVD drive. IT WORKED! Such a simple thing but it took half a day to get it sorted out.

So once the boot order in UEFI is correct and Autoplay software is set to Install I did a re-boot and got the message "Press Any Key to load from CD or DVD".

Next is keyboard layout option. I chose US.

Next screen I chose Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options which lead to a screen offering System Restore, SYSTEM IMAGE RECOVERY (which is the one I wanted to see as being available), Automatic Repair, Command Prompt and UEFI Firmware Settings.

I hope anyone with the same problem finds this post and finds it helpful.
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