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I have a Lenovo too. IMHO, I don't think you should interfere with the D drive. I don't like bloatware either but I'm careful not to get carried away and delete things I don't know about. In this case, I don't know what the D drive is for so I leave well alone.

@Remah, I had a glance at your amended text document and I'm confused. For example, you say 'Yes' to keep McAfee when windyctyprog says he doesn't want to keep it. You also say "Google Toolbar is not needed as you use Firefox" yet you say 'Yes' to keep it. It's as though you've mixed up the Y's with the N's. These are only 2 examples but there may be more.

windyctyprog, in an earlier post sicknero advise you to make a backup. I think that's very good and sound advice - you should always have a way back.

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