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Originally Posted by Arturo View Post
A recent newsletter mentioned several online PDF creators.

Several suggestions were given >>>>>

The site I tried to save as a PDF file for the on page TUTORIAL was this >>>>>

The whole page was there MINUS the pix in the tutorial = that is the PROBLEM.

I tested ALL THREE PDF creators and got the same result - only the FIRST pix from the site was there
@Arturo, the tutorial page you tried uses a "Lazy Load" plugin, which delays loading of images in that long webpage. Except for the first image which is preloaded, others images outside of viewport are not loaded until you scroll to them.

This explains why you've got the first image printed and the rest are missing since the online pdf converters unfortunately have not handled that plugin.

To have all images loaded, try to scroll to them, then use one of the virtual printers, such as doPDF as mentioned by Anupam, to print the page into a pdf file. Or even better, use a browser such as Chrome which has this feature "Save as PDF" under Print. The links are clickable in the resulting pdf file when you use this feature, where a virtual printer usually does not preserve clickable links.
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