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Kenith Olson
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Hi George.J,

I am new to PotPayer so all the settings are default for the latest English stable version 1.5.44465 that I recently downloaded from

Am thinking my old WinXP OS is SubOptimal for playing videos.

Googled and found a number of recommendations to optimize WinXP for Audio but only 1 for video.

This one Increase Performance/FPS to the max 100% - All ATI/AMD Graphics ...
► 3:57► 3:57‎ YouTube
Apr 8, 2013 - Uploaded by RainfordStudiosMedia This video is unavailable. ... You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. ... My Speed up ANY Computer or Laptop by 200% - Windows 7/Vista/XP (HD) ... How To Optimize Your AMD APU For Gaming by 1realblackman27 33,189 views ...

It lists the video is unavailable so did not watch.

Appreciate any suggestions concerning optimizing WinXP OS for videos!


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