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Originally Posted by lilces19 View Post
1. I am not home so I can't tell you what port I'm using, but I'm 100% sure its in the range in that guide above

2. I did it through the router

3. Yes

4. Its a home network

5. No it is not possible

Thanks for the guide. The only thing that comes to mind is that the router itself might have a firewall that needs to have that port as an exception? I have a Netgear WNDR3700 v3. Thanks!
Well the router definitely has a firewall and that is what port forwarding is about. There are two ways to forward through the router - using NAT-PMP (for Macs) or forwarding the actual port.

This is a guide for that router and uTorrent's port. It might help you to double check on your settings within the router. When you follow the guide, disregard their port number setting and use one within the range above.

I forgot to ask whether you set an exception in the software firewall for uTorrent.

The port being blocked is almost always due to a firewall blocking, whether it be software or hardware (router) firewall.
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