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Do you get an error message of any kind like "Web page not found"? It helps to know exactly what is happening as there are many reasons why you may not be able to view in your web browser.

Without knowing the details of your network and computer configurations it is not possible to eliminate the router as the problem but it is unlikely so we'll start with the basics on your computer. If this doesn't work then let us know and we'll move on to other potential sources of the problem.

The most likely reason is that your computer might have stored/cached incorrect information for so you should clear your browser cache (which you appear to have done already) and the Windows DNS cache (which you have not cleared yet).

Here are specific instructions on how to clear each browser cache and how to clear the Windows DNS cache.

Another option is to use CCleaner which I prefer. If you use decide to use CCleaner then you should be OK with the default settings plus checkmark the Windows DNS Cache. But make sure that any items that are checkmarked are what you want to clear e.g. don't clear stored passwords if you use this feature and cannot remember what they are.

The caches you want to clear are as follows:
  • One the 'Windows' tab/page:
    • Under the 'System' heading check the 'DNS Cache'
    • Under the Internet Explorer heading check the 'Temporary Internet Files'.
  • On the 'Applications' tab/page:
    • Under the 'Google Chrome' heading check the 'Internet Cache'
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