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Thank you.

Yes. That is the VMLite I intend to use.

Yes. I know the fact that it is adopting VirtualBox.

Yes. I have an install disc of Windows XP Pro. 32b., but I do not have the proper harware to use VBox or Player or Virtual PC because they require better equipped harware for running them. The best laptops I have are all installed with 2G RAM the maximum. I am a volunteer social worker visiting various people who use different PCs & OSs. The 2 laptops I carry with me are:
Asus EeePC upgraded & Win8 installed and HP Compaq Presario upgraded & Win7 installed. I intend to install VMLite & Win XP Mode on this Presario. Thus, I can use 3 OSs to work with people when I visit them.

People on the internet say that VMLite runs WinXP with much less
hardware requirement compared with VBox or VMware Player or Virtual PC.

In fact, VMLite & Win XP Mode are already installed on Presario.
And have been used for practice for a few weeks. But I have problems with it. It could well be that I do not have enough knowledge of using it. Sought for help on VMLite forum. Not much help. I, therefore, come to Gizmo's forum.

It seems to be that I have to be a little more patient.

Thanks anyway.
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