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Default does that. (At least for YouTube which is the only site I have tried - they do claim to work for other sites)

Caution: Unless you have an adblocker in your browser, you will see ads and fake links there.

I have to go through a strange procedure to get it to work correctly.
First enter the URL of the video (not strange)
Then choose the Download option (meaning no conversion).
Once the information loads about different quality of download options, choose a conversion option (MP4 for example) and then you will get the option to choose a part of the video.
Press the start button.

I have found it to be very fast and the default quality (I can not see a way to change that - but there might be) is good.

Registration is available, but not necessary - I have not registered there. They also have an addon for Firefox, but I have not used that.
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