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Originally Posted by tony View Post
I thought I was safe by stating the fact that the comp was stable for a few days. Guess what, it did its usual thing and did its weird things not loading and changing kernels with updates and many different things. Not sure what to do now, I suppose I shall just have to put my hand in my pocket and buy a 64bit windows operating system. I am too early for Win7 as I need a OS NOW. This is working by the way on a Mint Linux disk 32bit which I had. Its the only way I can gain access quickly to see my emails and web search. Not the best of ways to work and use a comp!!
Why not use a portable Linux instead like Puppy or Slax? Puppy saves everything you do in a separate file on your hard disk (or anywhere you want) so that all your settings and files will not be lost. You could also try their multisession live-DVD (and CD). As for Slax, I haven't tried it yet but I heard it's good.

That way, you won't have to worry about these not loading or changing kernel problems on your system. In theory, a portable and not installed on your hard disk Linux should not cause these problems.
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