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I did get rid of the download manager when it first came out but I cant remember right now which setting I changed. I ll try to figure it out later what is it that needs to be changed and I ll post it here. I haven't updated to 26 yet but when I tried it sandboxed a couple days ago, everything remained as I have it now, including how I handle downloads (no downloads manager).

You can still see something like the old manager with Ctrl-J or "Show All Downloads" from the pop out ... these will open the Library window with your downloads list.

The main annoyance for me is that there's now a redundant button in AiO Sidebar which is irrelevant I guess but still an irritation to chronically OCD types as it just opens an empty space. This was fixed before with an AiO update but that was when the relevant code was still in place.

Mozilla seems to be desperate with all these needless changes.......First they removed the address bar favicon, followed by the cutting down of the status bar/addon bar, now it's the download manager. God knows what is going to get axed next.
The address bar favicon was removed for good reasons - apparently some dodgy sites used it to fool the unwary by using a mock up of the "Safe" padlock icon as their site favicon, or some such unpleasant behaviour.

You can however get it back if you wish with this FF add on - Classic Style For Favicon - and without losing the Mozilla site info pop-out.

As for how long it will work before Mozilla make yet more add ons defunct by changing code is anyone's guess

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