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Default I have gone Linux

Well as some of you know I have one hell of a problem finding a Linux OS that would work on my 64bit comp. I thought I had tried everything, but I hadn't. I bought the comp without an OS and I used my WinXP32 OS on it, which actually was not very stable and it was really no behaving well at all. So in desperation I have installed OpenSuse 64bit, which I had tried as a dual boot, but in desperation have installed it now as my only operating system. Its been working for a few days now and has been working very well. Only I really miss easy to use software. Linux software is always more complicated and the GUI can be none existent. For instance, creating DVD's out of Youtube films/info for my photographic club is going to be complex and I have looked at converting those downloads as well. I need a brain to do work it In Windows I clicked my mouse and hey presto. Ah well, we will see how things keep on going.

I think, and this is only my theory as I am not a computer boffin, that the XP really should not be on the 64bit and possibly there were conflicts. I just don't know, all I know is, is that Suse is now working and I have an operating system, but alas I shan't be able to work on my editorials without Windows.

I have two more things up my sleeve if Suse does not perform and is not going to be stable. But so far it has not wobbled at all.
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