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I will try Nautilus. Although, I think I had seen it in the apps list, and it had a lower rating. Still, will give it a try.

I installed two image viewers and they both have same name of "image viewer", with same icons... pretty difficult to distinguish between them. Strange.

I don't have much problem with fonts except their size. Default size was big on the browsers, which is pretty simple to size down with Ctrl + - , but the other things are a problem. I am not much concerned with the system monitor thingies.. but more with the overall look, and that isn't what I would like to have. I did try out a few themes for Windows and desktop, etc, which were most downloaded and high rated, and although it did make some change, I was still not satisfied with the look.. everything seems a bit big... and appears dated.

I don't have Trisquel in my list for now. Although, I do think that if one is not interested in distro hopping, then LTS release are the best. In that sense, SuperX and Trisquel are good.

That's loads of icons on your Chromium BTW .

I might make a move to Xubuntu or Mint in a few days.

Maybe try out OpenSusE as a non-Ubuntu distro.
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