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Default Paragon ExtFS for Windows to access Linux Partition

I just started with installing Linux on my secondary hard drive. Worked great. On booting in Windows, I found that I couldn't access the Linux partitions from Windows, because Windows OS apparently has no support for Linux filesystem.

There are some free software available, like Ext2Read, LinuxReader, but these only allow to read the Linux partition, and not write to it.

Searching for more options, I came across Paragon ExtFS for Windows. It's an excellent freeware. It's easy to use, and you only require to run the program, and it will detect the Linux partitions. Just select the partition, and select Mount, and assign a drive letter, and that partition will be available in Windows. Simply excellent.

Of course, take care not to delve into Linux system files, or other important directories, otherwise there are chances that you will corrupt the Linux filesystem, if you change things on your own.
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