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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
I think this intrusiveness is gonna grow more and more in the new versions of Android, because Google wants to promote its products. Maybe people will start looking for alternatives, if they get tired. If Firefox OS gets popular, who knows.
You hit the nail in the head Anupam. Despite some interesting additions to the core, Android's latest version is showing us what Google and Android are about: advertising. This move has finally confirmed Android is being used as a platform for Google's products. The forced integration of the PlayStore, Youtube and Hangouts with G+ will certainly have some blowback because it looks like Google wants to replace Facebook in the easiest way possible: doing everything facebook does just adding a "Google style" on it.

I have high expectations about Firefox OS because it seems it will take over the concept Android got rid off in the latest versions.

The Sailfish OS (still on beta) is a pretty interesting option and is said to run most Android apps with no problems, anyway it will need a lot of money for it to compete against Android, iOS and Windows Phone. There is a good video about the Sailfish interface here.

Tizen is another OS with big potential. However, since it is developed and endorsed by Samsung, chances are it will follow the same path initiated by Android .

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