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Man, that really sounds intrusive and irritating. I don't think I will like that integration personally. I also don't like using third party apps for SMS, or contacts. I had tried out a third party sms app once, and I didn't like it much. Why can't they keep things nice and simple. This is like shoving down things into our throats.

I really don't like my phone contacts to be mixed up with other contacts from Gmail or elsewhere. On my phone, presently I have set only for phone and sim contacts to show. When I get a phone, being able to call and sms people is my first priority and that should be done with ease. If it's not, whats the use of getting a phone.

I think this intrusiveness is gonna grow more and more in the new versions of Android, because Google wants to promote its products. Maybe people will start looking for alternatives, if they get tired. If Firefox OS gets popular, who knows.
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