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With this release of Android OS, it seems that they are integrating more and more Google stuff into the OS, and promoting their stuff. This was bound to happen sooner to later, considering the OS is from Google. Still, tight integration crippling other services to the point of making it unusable can be put-off. Like, in this version, the sms facility seems to be integrated with Hangouts. I don't think I would like that personally. The reviews too said that they didn't like the integration, and suggested to use third party sms apps. That sucks.
yes one of them reviews is mine ) when I got the Hangout update a while back it used up all my phone memory and crippled it all for a service I don't like or use I rooted my phone so I could uninstall it.
Either way it's a little off topic because I was referring to my Gingerbread device . Google is my arch enemy at the moment because I can no longer comment on Youtube or write reviews on Playstore because of this forced Google plus integration ( like with the Hangout forced update ) Google business model at the moment seems to force them to use it if they hate and it's broken ,I don't know how well that will work out for them.
I didn't know about the Hangout/SMS integration on KitKat cheers for pointing that out @Anupam, that would really really put me off and it's a shame because KitKats are my favourite biscuits lol. I wouldn't get the KitKat update anyway because I'm on a no branded tablet but I like it and it's on ICS so it plays Flash video no problem which is a plus , what KitKat support for flash videos like @IO.Hazard ?
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