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I totally agree, Jojo Yee. With Google talking about how good and friendly (with low-end devices) this new Android version is, not porting it to the Galaxy Nexus is a huge mistake. The guys at Google say it's because of the current "18 month" updating scheme but I'm not buying that one.


I am excited about the promise that Android 4.4 will run on devices with 512MB, it is hopeful indeed, but it will take a while before modders can create a stable enough version for daily use; anyway, I think the new ART Runtime, along with Project Svelte are some interesting addtitions which, if work as promised, will stop this multicore and RAM madness that has plagued the market by promising to stop or reduce the infamous Android "lag". The owners of low-spec phones would have a chance to give their devices a new life (and save some bucks in the process) before they buy a new device.

I read about many workarounds to replace Hangouts as the SMS app and turns out there is plenty of them. I'm sure the Android community will fix any issue as soon as possible and that's exactly what gives me hope about Android as an open OS, although most people know that causes some headaches to Google .
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