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Originally Posted by Phil856745 View Post
... I have PID, Win7 Home Prem. & SP1 on DVD ...
I understood from your earlier comment that you have the Windows 7 install disk and the product key. If so then, now that the CD/DVD drive works, you can boot from that disk and install Windows 7.

If you don't have the install disk then you can download and write the appropriate ISO file to DVD.

Before you do a clean install there are two things that you could do:
  • Use your Windows Install Disk to try to repair your system. This might work and save you doing a full install. Anyway, it is worth checking that the disk has no problems and that memory is OK before doing a clean install.
  • Download the laptop drivers for Windows 7. Write them to a CD/DVD or USB stick. That way when you install Windows you can use the drivers if requested.
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