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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
Unfortunately Windows still scores hands down for its ability to install into a wide variety of hardware configurations.
I'm going to quibble over this. Windows installs fairly easily because of the huge array of drivers and software that has to be bundled by the hardware manufacturers. I've installed Windows on dozens of computers, latterly laptops, and I've never found it entirely straightforward with usually the network proving most likely to difficult. In many ways it is becoming even more difficult because of the lack of media with new laptops. Clean installs are not easy. (Don't start me on uefi!)

In comparison Linux Mint simply installs and works as do other distros I've tried. I was amazed first time I tried it to simply get a prompt for my wireless code and I was connected. Simple and fast. The only problem I've found is that not all function keys work as they should since each company and model requires different software to work and only Windows software is provided.

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