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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
Pretty much anything depending on what the main use for it might be and what you might like it to look like. This will help us to narrow down the choice suggestions.

Browsing the screenshot posts for a preferred "look" might be a good starting point.

Might be best to start with the last page of this first link and then work backwards through the posts.
Thanks: i installed Debian Wheezy and than i installed Xfce4, it runs real good,

but Before that i tried to install xubuntu,Mint14, Lubuntu, debian but failed the install,missing some type of file. then i thought of swaping the Nvidia Gforce 4 Ti 4200 card for an Ati 9600 card that i had in my scrap ,than i tried Debian Wheezy 7 and it installed realy great, i did not try any of the others yet.
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