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Registry changes
So did you try the Registry changes?

IDE driver problem
If the IDE drivers aren't loading then that would explain why the CD/DVD drive is not working for you. But that is a problem with Windows loading its drivers so it probably won't help going to the Dell site.

It also means that the problem might only be software/configuration so reinstalling Windows would fixc it.

You should try restarting the laptop with a bootable CD or DVD in the drive. Bootable disks would be any Windows installation disk, a Linux disk, a Windows recovery disk, etc. If the CD/DVD drive will work with booting from a disk it is probably best to reinstall Windows. But you probably don't have a suitable disk for the license that comes with the laptop. So let us know what happens

Drivers from Dell
Here are some links to get info on the laptop and its drivers:

If the PC has Internet access then go to and select "Detect my product". If it doesn't have Internet access then you can enter the Service Tag details here too:

Dell Inspiron 1501 support page

Dell Inspiron 1501 drivers are available but it doesn't include the complete set of chipset drivers which would probably have to come from the AMD/ATI site.
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