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Originally Posted by Remah View Post
FYI, here's what Microsoft says to do when Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs.

Avoid methods 3 and 4 which have more scope for damaging your system. You can try them if the other methods don't work.
Originally Posted by Phil856745 View Post
Remah, I've now used all 3 methods with no success?
Try this Microsoft CD/DVD problem troubleshooter.
which works in Windows 7.

If that doesn't work then try the methods 3 and 4 as suggested by Microsoft. They might solve the problem to get your CD/DVD drive working.

Originally Posted by Phil856745 View Post
I had been using CClean extensively, to try to reclaim disk space, could it have removed drivers?
Unless it has a bug, no.

Originally Posted by Phil856745 View Post
I'm down to 2 accounts, can I take it down to one? I'm starting to believe that this may be a registry issue, It's been a long time since I've run regedit, how should I backup the registry, i.e., .BAK, and where? Desktop?
You only need one administrator account if you are the only user. Then optionally a second account for higher security by running applications with lower rights.

You can backup the registry by downloading and running ERUNT which allows you to save the backups wherever you like.
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