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There is more than one path to resolve the CD drive problem. You can find help on the Internet by searching for "Fix Windows error code 39" or something similar.

Here are three easier methods of the several available. Note: while you are following the instructions you will be prompted to confirm that you want to run these programs and sometimes you may be asked to enter your admin password.

Use System Restore to remove the recent driver install that you say caused the problem
This is often the first method used.
Go to the Start Menu and select "Control Panel".
Select "System and Security"
Select "Restore your computer to an earlier time" which is under the heading "Action Center"
Click on the button "Open System Restore" to run System Restore which will fiorst display an information page.
Select "Next" which should bring up a list of restore points.
Select a restore point which was at the time just before installing the device driver. By default there is usually only the last restore point listed so click-on the checkbox for "Show more restore points" to display all restore points.
If the restore point before the problem is many days earlier then be sure that you didn't make other changes which you don't want to lose. If you did make more changes that you want to keep then you could try the other methods before resorting to a system restore.

Use the "Hardware and Devices" troubleshooter
Go to the Start Menu.
Select "Control Panel".
In the search box, type "Hardware"
Under the heading "Troubleshooting" should appear "find and fix problems with devices" which you can click on to run the "Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Wizard"
Select "Next" which is on the first page of information and advanced options.
You should be able to follow the prompts once the scan starts.

Use Device Manager to uninstall the device drivers then reinstall.
Go to the Start Menu and select "Control Panel".
Select "Hardware and Sound".
Select "Device Manager" which is under the heading "Devices and Printers".
When the Device Manager window appears there will be a list of device types. Select "DVD/CD-ROM drivers" by double-clicking with the mouse or expanding the outline.
Uninstall the drivers. If you have only one CD or DVD drive then delete all the drivers that appear for "DVD/CD-ROM drivers". You can delete by selecting the driver and pressing the delete key or right-click and select uninstall. Either way you will be prompted to "Confirm Device Uninstall".
Then reinstall the driver from the "Device Manager" menu. Selecting "Action". Select "Scan for hardware changes". If Device Manager doesn't find any hardware to update then you will need to restart your system.
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