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Originally Posted by Cthulhux View Post
Precisely. Where's the evidence for "Windows backdoors"?

I really wonder why people still think that Linux is in any way related to "more security"...
What are we talking about here, Linux desktop, Linux server or other Linux?

Regarding desktops, Linux is vastly more secure than Windows to the point that average users can regard it as being virus free. This accepts it is being operated as it was intended to be without blanket root privileges and the use of additional software from unofficial repositories. This makes sense otherwise you can say car drivers have a massive risk level if they drive on three wheels at night, without lights, a joint in one hand and a can of Bud in the other.

Every piece of scare, oooH, gasp! Linux malware I've seen reported requires root in one form or another or the user to physically download, install and configure it to run.

One of the latest examples is the OMG! "Hand of Thief Banking Trojan Targets Linux", the real world analysis being slightly different.

If it was even half possible to have your PC hijacked by scareware, your files trashed remotely or your bank account emptied using Linux, the antivirus vendors would already be offering "solutions" at the same payment rates they do for Windows.
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